In Cyprus, a strange, toothy creature was found at the dam

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In the northern part of Cyprus, a very strange fish was found that looks like an alligator. In social networks, many users immediately began to compare the find with the inhabitants of the Jurassic Park.

The Cyprus Wildlife Research Institute reported that the creature reached 112 cm in length and its weight was approximately 10 kg. This is the first time that an alligator fish has been found at the Kioneli Dam and it will be investigated further.

Dervish Cavusoglu said that this species is incredibly stable. In order for a slave alligator to grow to this size, she needs about 10 years. In fact, this fish lives in North America and is considered the largest representative of freshwater fish of this continent. At the moment, there is no information about exactly how much time the fish stayed at the dam, but scientists will conduct a study to determine what the creature was eating before.

The owner of the pet store said that it would not be difficult to purchase alligator fish both in the northern part of Cyprus and in the southern. Most often they are bought when the size does not exceed the size of a pencil. The specialist also added that it is very strange that the fish found has reached such sizes, because, as a rule, their growth is regulated by temperature conditions.

Tashkent Natural Park added that you can really buy fish without problems in almost any pet store in Cyprus, but not everyone knows that it can grow to such a size. At the same time, if the alligator fish lives in conditions comfortable for her, then it grows quickly enough. It is worth noting that this species of fish preys not only on other fish, but also on waterfowl.


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