US Intelligence Report Says Havana Syndrome May Be Caused by ‘Directed Energy’ Devices

(ORDO NEWS) — A mysterious condition known as Havana Syndrome could be “plausibly explained” by the targeted use of “pulsed electromagnetic energy”, according to a new US intelligence report.

Havana Syndrome are neurological symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and headaches that have been observed in American diplomats since 2016 in different parts of the world. Experts still cannot accurately explain the cause of this disease

Since 2016, U.S. diplomats in Cuba (and later in various parts of the world) have been experiencing a number of neurological symptoms intermittently . These symptoms include headaches, dizziness, nausea, and hearing problems. Experts still cannot determine their cause.

A new US intelligence report says the symptoms are “genuine and compelling” and in some cases may have been caused by a hidden device.

The researchers attempted to identify five potential causal mechanisms, including “acoustic signals, chemical and biological agents, ionizing radiation, natural and environmental factors, and radio frequency and other electromagnetic energy.”

The experts looked at four particularly puzzling symptoms of Havana syndrome. These include “an acute onset … of sound or pressure in only one ear or on one side of the head” as well as dizziness, “a strong sense of terrain or direction” and no apparent environmental or medical cause for these symptoms.

According to the researchers, psychological or social factors alone cannot explain the symptoms, although they may have exacerbated some of the problems for those affected. The researchers also determined that the symptoms could not be explained by environmental or medical conditions.

The authors write that “the combination of the four main characteristics is clearly unusual and is not mentioned in other sources of medical literature and has not yet been associated with a specific neurological abnormality.”

The study found that pulsed electromagnetic energy, especially in the radio frequency range, “plausibly explains” the core’s characteristics. Although experts admit that such a theory is riddled with “information gaps” .

The report states that non-standard antennas and signals can have an impact on the human body. Such a source may be hidden and require only moderate power. It can also easily pass through walls.

Experts do not say what these devices are and who can use them. Interestingly, the report also contradicts the results of a recent CIA investigation , which concluded that most cases of Havana syndrome are due to natural causes, and claims of a targeted attack by some foreign state are unfounded.


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