US experts named the probable cause of the “Havana syndrome”

(ORDO NEWS) — A possible cause of the “Havana Syndrome” that manifested itself in American officials could be an external influence, which is a pulse of electromagnetic energy or ultrasound. This was reported in the US intelligence community, reports CNN.

A special commission was set up to investigate the causes of “abnormal health incidents”. The expert group included scientists, medical and engineering specialists who have access to classified information.

The intelligence community added that the task of the commission is only to determine the cause of the illness of American diplomats, and not to identify the perpetrators.

In January, REN TV reported that the symptoms of “Havana Syndrome” manifested itself among employees of US diplomatic missions in Geneva and Paris.

Recall that manifestations of the “Havana syndrome” were observed among US diplomats in Cuba in 2016 and 2017, as well as in 2018 in China. Allegedly, members of diplomatic missions were exposed to sound, which led to long-term health effects.

From time to time, the American media accused Russia of organizing “acoustic attacks.” The Russian Foreign Ministry called such attacks strange insinuations and complete absurdity.

According to media reports, cases of ailments similar to this mysterious disease were recorded among US diplomats in Africa, Tajikistan and Moscow. According to the CIA, several hundred American representatives were injured in all incidents.


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