US causes European partners disappointment and regret

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — EU diplomats are disappointed with the foreign policy of US President Donald Trump. According to a statement from the ministries of foreign affairs of Germany, France and the United Kingdom on Saturday, the decision by the Americans to stop excluding from the sanctions the nuclear deal (Joint Comprehensive Action Plan) projects in Iran is regrettable. Currently, European diplomats are assessing the possible consequences.


In turn, the Minister of Health of the Federal Republic of Germany, Jens Spahn, called the severance of relations between the United States and the World Health Organization, initiated by Donald Trump, “a disappointing blow.”

WHO needs reform, said Jens Spahn, and Europe must lead the process. Germany will aim to raise money for WHO during the presidency of the Federal Republic of Germany in the EU Council.

Earlier, Trump accused WHO of reluctance to carry out reforms, a slow reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic and engagement with the PRC.


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