five reasons to love eggs

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Want some fried eggs? You are not alone. Swedes eat eggs in huge quantities – almost 1.9 billion pieces a year! And we even have a holiday when eggs are the main food on the table. Here are five reasons to continue to eat eggs often and in large numbers.

Make us healthy, strong and beautiful

In eggs there are almost all the nutrients that a person needs for growth and well-being. One medium-sized egg contains more than a third of the average daily intake of vitamins E, B12 and the important mineral selenium. Eggs also have fatty acids, zinc, iodine and antioxidants. Few other foods are also rich in the so-called scattered elements, which are absolutely necessary in the diet.

Great for any meal.

Eggs are equally good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts. They are the most frequent guests on the table in the morning, where caviar makes them good company. An omelet or a fried egg sandwich is a great lunch. And look at the menu of trendy restaurants: eggs have settled there for a long time, and they are served in a variety of forms: poached eggs, eggs from the oven, eggs baked in avocado, eggs with the flavor of truffles …

And now it has become fashionable to eat eggs as a snack. Many carry a boiled egg with them in their bags to eat when the famine comes in the evening.

Goodbye Cholesterol Anxiety

Doctors have already canceled the recommendation to limit egg intake due to high cholesterol. Scientists have found that eggs reduce the amount of fat in the blood and increase the level of beneficial cholesterol, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. So now we can safely eat any number of eggs.

And diets such as the LCHF diet (Low Carb, High Fat – low in carbohydrates, a lot of fat, approx. Transl.) And a diet on the glycemic index, only increased the popularity of eggs, because they have neither carbohydrates, nor dietary fiber.
More than just food

Eggs are our most common and often used ingredient in cooking. It is always in the kitchen and is the basis for many dishes, sauces, pastries and drinks. Without eggs, no pancakes, souffl├ę, pies, meringues, Bearn sauces, aioli …

Infinite number of variations

Poached eggs, suvid eggs, well-fried eggs or with a liquid yolk, raw yolk as a sauce for carbonara or steak tartare. A classic fried egg for p├╝ttipanna (a traditional Swedish dish of fried pieces of potatoes, onions and some meat products – approx. Transl.) . They can be both an independent dish and an ingredient – the options and types of cooking eggs are almost endless.

Egg Facts

If we eat raw eggs, only half the protein is absorbed.

The longer we cook the egg, the more egg white is denatured: its molecules coagulate and the body absorbs them more easily.

Eggs contain all nine vital amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own.

One egg contains 7 g of protein and is completely free of carbohydrates.

One egg contains 1 mg of iron. Our daily iron requirement is 8-15 mg.

Eggs are the most complete natural source of nutrients after breast milk.

Half of the population of Sweden believes that eggs are the best food in the world.

72% of Swedes believe that eggs are the most nutritious product that we can eat, and 69% say that after eggs they feel full for a long time.


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