United States plans to give a second life to the B-52 bomber

(ORDO NEWS) — The iconic B-52 Stratofortress bomber has been the backbone of the US Air Force since the aircraft first appeared at the height of the Cold War.

Today, the B-52 is significantly outdated, but in September last year, the US Air Force announced that it had awarded Rolls-Royce a $2.6 billion contract to replace the engines of the B-52 bomber so that the aircraft could fly until the late 2050s. years

At a media briefing on March 4, 2022, representatives from Rolls-Royce and Boeing (the company that makes the B-52) detailed how modern digital design techniques are helping to create new F130 engines for the B-52.

The process begins with the creation of a digital map of the B-52 systems and their operation. As soon as this became possible, designers and engineers created 3D models of the aircraft’s engines and other components.

Making it easier for engineers to visualize what they’re designing, they can see in the model how parts will fit together and how the components they’re working on will affect other aircraft mechanisms.

United States plans to give a second life to the B 52 bomber 2

The first batch of modified B-52s will be delivered to the US Army by the end of 2028, Rolls-Royce said.


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