UFO submarine bases: 5 places where they are looking for aliens

(ORDO NEWS) — To believe or not to believe in UFOs is everyone’s business. But here’s a fact for you: as many as 35% of stories about a meeting with an unidentified flying object mention the oceans. Very often, information about a collision with a UFO comes from sailors – straightforward and incredulous people in principle.

The largest modern ufologists believe that under the water column the main bases of aliens may well be hiding. In the end, we have no idea what is going on under water in most of the ocean.

Base off the coast of Malibu

Most often, strange flying objects are seen off the coast of California. Therefore, the discovery of an unusual and obviously artificial underwater object at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, near Malibu, looks so reliable. The alleged base of aliens has long been controversial in the scientific community – someone believes in aliens, while others believe that the photo is just an unusual break in the ocean shelf.

Puffin Island Base

Numerous eyewitness accounts of the descending lights in the area of ​​the island of Puffin, attracted the attention of major ufologists. A series of photographs, the first of which was taken back in 1974, also looks pretty reliable. Interestingly, this entire area is featured in ancient Welsh legends as the underwater kingdom of Cantre’r Gwaelod, populated by mythical creatures. Coincidence looks at least strange.

Base under Lake Ontario

In December 2013, one of the residents of Hamilton came to the police and said that he saw several luminous objects that went under the water of one of the Great Lakes. Of course, they laughed at him. But then the story repeated: this time the sheriff of the city and two of his assistants saw strange objects. In addition, a similar story was discovered in the archives dating back to 1991. The legend of the alien base under Lake Ontario has strengthened after several publications on specialized portals of ufologists. True, the question of how reliable they are remains open.

New Zealand Underwater Corridor


UFO researchers claim that the entire area off the North Island (one of the islands of New Zealand) is a huge alien underwater base. The first reports of unusual activity underwater appeared in March 1995. Since then, at least once every few months, local police have been receiving messages from frightened tourists who have seen glowing lights underwater.

Dark waters erie

Lake Erie (another one of the five great lakes of North America) is also under the scrutiny of ufologists. In 2011, Professor of Physics at the University of Pennsylvania, Robin Swope, collected all the eyewitness accounts in one book – it turned out to be a rather thick volume. The first message about flying saucers is dated in the spring of 1988. A strange ship plunged under water and disappeared in front of several dumbfounded fishermen.


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