Do authorities hide the existence of UFOs?

(ORDO NEWS) — Are we alone in the universe? Hardly: among billions of stars there should be many planets with intelligent life. But why didn’t we hear anything about them? Perhaps the authorities of the US, Russia and other countries are hiding the existence of UFOs? Let’s figure it out!

Zone 51 and its assault

This American military base is the most famous “secret” place. It was built in Nevada to test the latest aircraft. But already from the end of the 80s, rumors spread that the tests were just a cover, and the goal of Zone 51 was completely different.

54% of US residents believe that in this place the authorities are hiding aliens from arriving on Earth. There, scientists put experiments on them and explore everything that is connected with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Do authorities hide the existence of UFOs

In 2019, the Americans even tried to storm Zone 51 to reveal its secrets. This event began as a joke, but as a result, on September 20, 4 thousand people came there.

The assault itself failed, the Americans simply staged a festival there. But US authorities were really afraid of the attack on Zone 51: they even warned that they would open fire to defeat. What were they afraid if there was nothing there?

Clinton Statements

Hillary Clinton, the presidential candidate in the 2016 elections, fueled interest in this facility. She said that if she wins the election, she will disclose all the information about Zone 51. Including everything that is known about aliens who visited the Earth.

Perhaps Clinton wanted to get the vote in this way. Donald Trump, the current president of the United States, does not at all believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life forms.

Nuclear development

There is an interesting theory that the appearance of aliens on Earth, if they do exist, triggered the development of atomic energy. UFOs appear precisely near its large sources.

According to the assumption of one American magazine, aliens are often near US aircraft carriers that operate on nuclear energy. And also approaching their nuclear submarines.

The journalists made such conclusions from a conversation with representatives of the Pentagon, who, in their opinion, clearly know and hide something. Another fact: UFOs were often spoken about after the Manhattan project (US nuclear weapons development program).

That is, the first appearance of the aliens fell at the peak of the nuclear arms race between the USSR and the United States. This leads to the idea that they are attracted here by atomic energy.

What say about UFO power

Do the governments of the USA, Russia, China and other countries hide information from the people? In the era of the Internet, this is almost impossible. Any news instantly spreads around the world.


In 2017, information leaked to the press that the Pentagon secretly sponsors various UFO programs . Moreover, these studies have been conducted since the late 80s, and tens of millions of dollars are spent on them annually.

US authorities deny having contact with aliens. However, they never revealed the secrets of Zone 51. Russian and Chinese authorities are also silent about UFO research. What do they know about aliens? I hope that the information hidden in the archives will someday be revealed.

Only 70 years have passed since the beginning of our space exploration, but even in this short period of time they would have been able to contact us a million times. Given the size of the universe, it is foolish to believe that we are the only intelligent creatures in it.


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