Three magnetic storms to hit Earth in October

(ORDO NEWS) — In October of this year, it is worth preparing in advance for three magnetic storms. They will happen at the beginning and end of the month. Experts assure that no strong outbreaks will arise, but you should take your health as responsibly as possible.

This is especially true for meteorological people and those who have some kind of chronic diseases. This was reported by RBK-UKRAINE.

A magnetic storm is a disruption in the Earth’s magnetosphere resulting from the exchange of energy from the cosmic wind with outer space. Interactions of this nature can be of varying duration. Sometimes it all ends after a couple of hours, and some magnetic storms can affect people for several days.

In October, it is worth waiting for the 1st for a weak magnetic storm. On October 29, there will be weak magnetic fluctuations, which will continue the next day.

Experts note that such a phenomenon can have an extremely negative effect on about 60% of the world’s population. The risk group includes meteorological people, as well as those who have problems with blood pressure, cardiovascular system and other pathologies of a chronic nature. Most often, a magnetic storm provokes a very severe headache, which in some cases develops into a real migraine.

Symptoms include weakness, dizziness, irritability, exacerbation of disease. In order to minimize the harmful effects, it is worth revising your diet and lifestyle in general, spending more time outdoors and playing sports.


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