Just one trick to make your morning tea as healthy as possible

(ORDO NEWS) — Tea is a very popular and at the same time healthy drink that people love all over the world. But you can still make it even more useful if you add some spices during cooking.

Cumin can improve the properties of tea. It has a very spicy taste and at the same time has a light and delicate smell. It contains a lot of vitamins, as well as magnesium, calcium and iron, which can strengthen the body as a whole and bring the maximum amount of benefit to a person.

In order to improve digestion and strengthen the immune system, a small amount of cumin can be added to the tea. Its seeds are recommended for use if there are signs of irritable bowel syndrome. In 2011, scientists conducted a study that demonstrated the benefits of cumin for the immune system.

The spice contains a lot of iron, vitamins A and C, essential oils, which also help the body to strengthen its protective functions.

Cumin also helps lower blood cholesterol levels. To do this, you need to consume about 75 mg of spice per day for 8 weeks. Iranian experts conducted an experiment and obtained very positive results of using cumin to eliminate “bad” cholesterol.

Caraway seeds contain a huge amount of various types of plant compounds that promote health. Antioxidants are needed to minimize oxidative stress, which can lead to heart problems or diabetes.


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