Three “giant moons” were spotted in the sky over the Belgian city

(ORDO NEWS) — In Belgium, over the city of Antwerp, three huge balls were recorded in the sky, which glowed with a bright light. They were filmed. Madison van’t Zelfde called these balls “giant moons”.

The video shows three huge, bright balls moving simultaneously at the same angle at dawn. Further, you can see that as the balls move, they illuminate everything around.

The video ends with the balls hiding behind a tall building. Madison added that when she filmed the video, the sun hadn’t even risen yet.

This video was posted on the Internet and users began to write in the comments that they saw something similar. Most commentators suggested that it could be just lights from a tower crane, which was located nearby.

Madison, in turn, added that she examined the territory adjacent to her house and did not find a single huge crane there. She said that this was the first thing she thought about, but the balls were too big and therefore they were unlikely to be lights from a tap. It is not clear what it really was, but this is not the first time that people see bright balls of huge sizes in the sky.


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