Experts tell what side effects of the vaccine everyone will experience

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(ORDO NEWS) — Health officials in Belgium are confident that even the most proven coronavirus vaccine will provoke some side effects. The US agent is expected to soon be distributed across the EU.

According to clinical studies, the formulations cause mild side effects, including the feeling that the flu is progressing in the body. Also, the skin around the graft hardens for several days.

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After vaccination, do not be surprised by headaches, fatigue and fever. The presence of discomfort and changes indicates that the vaccine is working.

Stephen Van Gucht, a Belgian virologist, noted that there are also rare consequences that don’t always show up in clinical trials. Manifestations occur less often than every 10 thousand cases. It is very difficult to test a vaccine for 10 thousand people. It is also worth taking into account individual groups of people, whose body can react differently to the introduced composition.

As soon as the vaccine is actively imported into different countries, the safety control system is activated to identify dangerous symptoms.


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