The story of a man who went home from Australia in a box

(ORDO NEWS) — Brian Robins’ story is similar to the plot of the film. The guy had no money, and he was very homesick for his homeland and home, being in Australia. Finding himself in a financial predicament, Brian took a desperate step.

Reported by CNN.

Brian came up with an incredible plan and decided by all means to bring it to life. He decided to get home in the plane’s cargo hold! Half a century after that, Brian decided to share his memories of that trip.

The man sent himself home by airmail. At that time, the guy worked as a public transport conductor in Australia. While people usually find transport companies in adelaide or Sydney to transport their cargo around the world, Brian felt he should transport himself fare-free! The route he took stretched literally across the whole world: Tehran, New Delhi, Singapore, Jakarta, etc.

Wales – home seemed to the guy uninhabited and simple. He thought that in a foreign land “the grass is greener.” After leaving for Australia and working there for some time, the young man realized that he was unbearably yearning for his native land. There was no money for a ticket back. The cost of the way home was then about $ 1,000, and the guy earned $ 41.

One day he went to a trade show. At that time, a British transport company represented itself on it. Their motto was “We can move anything anywhere.” Then a strange idea appeared in Brian’s head.

The next day, he went to this transport company and found out what it costs, as well as how the logistics works, what the goods are transported in, and so on. And so began the strangest journey in the world of a man in a box measuring 30/26/38 inches.

However, the traveler notes that the first 10 minutes of the trip were the most beautiful. And the remaining 5 days became a real hell. The US Customs Service nevertheless discovered an illegal immigrant. But the guy was very lucky, they did not detain him, but they helped him get home not like a normal person.


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