Carbon tax to be introduced soon in the global shipping industry

(ORDO NEWS) — More than 90% of the world’s fleet says it is imperative to introduce a carbon tax in the near future. This is essential to combat climate change in the first place. The decision was announced by Guy Platten (Secretary General of the International Chamber of Shipping).

It is reported by CNN News.

Comparing the carbon emissions to air from ships with the level of pollution as countries, shipping would be the sixth largest. Almost 2% of global emissions are the result of the activities of the world fleet.

The tax is planned to be introduced by 2023. It is not difficult to create and approve a law. Most of the difficulties will arise at the stage of its implementation. First of all, this will affect the price of goods, and this is fuel, grain, machinery, etc. Shipping companies are perplexed, but they are well aware that this is a necessary measure.

Companies are already considering how to share costs with customers and not lose business arrangements. There is also a need to reassure a number of countries, as investing in green technologies will increase costs and prices.

For example, the owner of the largest shipping company Maersk says that according to the calculations of the extras, the price increase is insignificant. For example, one pair of sneakers will be about 6 cents more expensive. But we all understand that hundreds, thousands of tons of goods are transported by merchant ships. The result is a round sum.


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