Showering every day can be very hazardous to your health

(ORDO NEWS) — Why can showering be hazardous to everyone’s health? The answer to this question is given by one British doctor Chris. He’s proven that showers can impair your blood flow.

Emerling Infectious Diseases magazine reports.

It turns out that a target group of scientists from the UK was conducting a study. The purpose of the scientific experiment was to study the relationship between skin hygiene and the effect of washing on the integrity of the skin. The results of the study showed that frequent use of soap during the shower leads to the following negative consequences:

  • microbes develop protection against antiseptics;
  • the protective lipid barrier is damaged;
  • the skin becomes dry;
  • irritation appears;
  • itching;

The breakdown of the fat layer contributes to the premature aging of your dermis. And this is already an irreversible process, says Dr. Chris.

Germs enter through cracks and multiply inside your body. These pathogens are much stronger and more aggressive. For the same reason, dermatologists recommend avoiding frequent peels. In addition, together with aggressive bacteria, we wash away those that are beneficial to the body.

To minimize the negative effects of daily water procedures, doctors recommend adhering to the following recommendations. Avoid taking a hot shower, lower the temperature. Also, avoid heavy use of soaps and gels. Carefully study the composition of the care products and do not forget to moisturize.


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