The number of deaths from mysterious pneumonia is growing in Kazakhstan

(ORDO NEWS) — Mysterious pneumonia began to spread in Kazakhstan. In just a week, from June 29 to July 5, more than 32,000 cases of infection were recorded. 450 people died as a result.

The CDC chief epidemiologist in China suggested that it could actually be a coronavirus. It is worth noting that, according to official data, Kazakhstan has a little more than 53 thousand cases of coronavirus infection and about 300 deaths.

At the same time, photos began to appear on the network with lines in front of the morgues of people who came to pick up the bodies of their relatives.

Azar Giniyat, who holds the post of Deputy Minister of Health, says that about 28 thousand people with pneumonia and who have a negative test for coronavirus got to the hospital.

At the same time, Professor Lawrence Young believes that most likely, almost all registered cases of pneumonia can be attributed to Covid-19. He also added that it is necessary to immediately study a new type of pneumonia in order to determine its relationship to coronavirus or to refute this version.

There have already been warnings that mortality from this disease is much higher than from coronavirus. At the moment, experts are conducting research in order to determine the virus, but so far no results have been obtained.

The president of Kazakhstan began to express his concern, because the situation is in critical condition. Compared with last year, the rates of infection of people with pneumonia increased by more than 55%.

It is worth noting that recently Kazakhstan was in third place in terms of the number of infected with coronavirus. Over the past day, the number of patients has also increased rapidly, especially when compared with previous indicators.


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