Physicists noticed that the explosion of the Polynesian volcano Tonga affected the ionosphere of Kazakhstan

(ORDO NEWS) -- The eruption of the Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Haapai volcano caused changes in the ionosphere at

UFO crash in Kazakhstan: Story of a shepherd who befriends an alien

(ORDO NEWS) -- Having sheltered a crashed alien, the shepherd Sagynbay may have saved the

McDonald’s will suspend the work of restaurants in Kazakhstan

(ORDO NEWS) -- McDonald's to suspend all restaurants in Kazakhstan due to supply restrictions. McDonald's

Ancient burial of a nomad with weapons and beads found in Kazakhstan

(ORDO NEWS) -- A warlike nomad with a two-thousand-year history. In southern Kazakhstan, archaeologists have

Paleontologists have discovered Stone Age artifacts in the oldest cave in Kazakhstan

(ORDO NEWS) -- In the Tuttybulak cave, paleontologists have discovered 48,000-year-old human household items, Astana

Unrest in Kazakhstan did not affect the Baikonur cosmodrome

(ORDO NEWS) -- The current chaos in Kazakhstan is not having a major impact on

Two UFO-transformers observed over Almaty, Kazakhstan

(ORDO NEWS) -- "Do you see us? We respect you ...". I understand the reaction

In Kazakhstan, archaeologists have discovered a gilded sword of the Sarmatians

(ORDO NEWS) -- Historians have discovered an altar made of stone and a sword covered

Why does the Pentagon need a biological laboratory in Kazakhstan?

(ORDO NEWS) -- The US Department of Defense is building an ultra-expensive dual-use biological laboratory