In Kazakhstan, archaeologists have discovered a gilded sword of the Sarmatians

(ORDO NEWS) — Historians have discovered an altar made of stone and a sword covered with a layer of gold in one of the Zhagabulak burial grounds, which is located in the Mugalzhar region of Kazakhstan. This burial ground is a complex of a sufficiently large size, which was created in the early Iron Age – approximately in the 6-5th century BC. reports.

The weapon was not completely preserved. The length of the piece, which was found by archaeologists, reaches almost 40 cm. A high-quality gold coating has been partially preserved on the handle. In addition, the shape of the hilt indicates that the sword was used solely for ceremonies and not for military action.

Sarmatians used swords not only for fighting, but also for some other functions. For example, the weapon represented the god of war and acted as a kind of sacred symbol, and also indicated that a person belongs to the warriors. They were considered the highest class among the Sarmatians. It is worth noting that the kings also resembled warriors.

Also, archaeologists found a lot of bronze mirrors, gold buckles and other ancient artifacts in the burial ground. To date, experts are still researching this area. They are confident that they will be able to make many more finds that will provide new information about the Sarmatians, as well as their lifestyle and habits.


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