On the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan found the burial place of the Saka warrior

(ORDO NEWS) — In Almaty, workers stumbled upon the burial of a Saxon warrior, whose era fell on the 5th-2nd centuries. BC.

Those who discovered the find claim that this happened during excavations on emergency burial mounds of the early Iron Age.

“We carry out excavations every year, but such successful finds are rare.

The last time gold fragments of clothing items were discovered was in 2014,” said Lyazzat Sagyndykova, director of the State Enterprise “Association of Museums of the City of Almaty”.

If we talk about what was at the burial site, then silver items for robes were found, as well as a part of the sword decorated with gold, and the remains were found in a special wooden box.

According to external data, it is assumed that the warrior is 170 centimeters tall. Death occurred in the second half of life – over 50 years old.


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