What will happen to the Earth 60 minutes before an asteroid impact

(ORDO NEWS) — Let’s imagine that this did happen in our time and a huge asteroid is about to fall to the surface of the Earth. What will happen an hour before that to us?

So, scientists have accurately confirmed that the asteroid is approaching the Earth. 10 minutes before the collision with him, the world will already be changed forever, according to the host of the YouTube channel The Infographics Show.

Everything will come to the point that people will be forced to hide in the basement and begin to kill each other in order to save and protect their own family.

To learn about news from the outside world, people will use the radio. On TV, experts also noted that it would soon be the only way to find out what was happening outside.

At the same time, thousands of people are simply standing in crowds on the streets of different cities of the world and are waiting for the end.

A lot depends on where exactly the asteroid will fall. Since the discovery of this space object, scientists’ forecasts have changed. Someone believed that the asteroid would fall on the coast of Spain, someone – that in the ocean. However, in any case, all of humanity will perish.

The speed of the asteroid is expected to be more than 20 thousand miles per hour (that is, more than 32 thousand kilometers per hour).

The shockwave on impact with Earth will be so strong that those who cannot find shelter will be knocked off their feet as the asteroid flies by. In this case, any plants and animals that appear during the flight of a space object within a radius of approximately 10 km will be burned.

Due to the shock wave in a collision with an Earth asteroid, all living beings on the planet will be destroyed. The same goes for any structure. In addition, strong tsunamis and floods will begin throughout the planet.

In Europe, the air will become poisonous because of the rocks that will be dispersed by the wind. As a result, fires will start everywhere, and people without special breathing apparatus will die, even if they manage to survive in a bunker underground.


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