Earthquakes do not stop in Iceland

(ORDO NEWS) — On June 19, a huge series of earthquakes began in Iceland. For three weeks, specialists managed to record about 10 thousand tremors.

Experts say that over the past 50 years this series of shocks is the largest. Earthquakes occurred in the Thiern Fault, located in the northern part of the country.

At the same time, specialists cannot at the moment say what exactly caused them to arise. Many residents believe that this could soon lead to a terrible disaster.

To date, earthquakes continue. Three pushes from all registered had a force of more than 5 points.

The strongest earthquake reached 5.8 points. IMO has made a statement that seismic activity is not subsiding and there is a high probability that some more major earthquakes will soon occur. It is worth noting that some of the tremors were well felt even in Reykjavik.

Kristin Jonsdottir previously said that this series of shocks became the largest in the last 40 years. However, experts cannot even guess when the earthquake will end. What is interesting is that in a couple of hours several hundred shocks can occur, and then for a while everything calms down. The last time this was observed in 2012.

Then a series of earthquakes lasted for several weeks.

Iceland is located on the border of tectonic plates. Experts say that today the country has split into two parts due to the fact that the North American plate began to move towards the west. In the area of ​​the Thiern fault, stress can occur only if the plates began to move in opposite directions.

Earlier, there were statements that one of the reasons for this series of earthquakes could be geothermal activity in this region.


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