The myth of the disappearance of the ancient civilization of Easter Island is dispelled

(ORDO NEWS) — The myth says that in 1722 Europeans were met by literally a couple of thousand inhabitants of Easter Island. Scientists conducted a study and suggested that no demographic collapse, which became the basis for the myth, actually did not occur.

SciTechDaily reports.

The myth also says that people living on Easter Island were forced to cut down almost all the trees. They needed more land in order to grow crops or build stone idols, popular all over the world. This decision was the reason that the result was the collapse of the ancient civilization.

Experts, after the study, believe that in fact this is all fiction. Di Napoli said that most of the scientific discussions previously revolved around the demographic collapse that happened on the island.

People settled on Easter Island in the 7th-8th centuries. A lot of trees grew on the island, but they gradually began to be destroyed, which provoked a change in climate. Previously it was believed that this was one of the reasons for the decrease in the number of residents. After some time, the air temperature on the island increased and droughts became more frequent, which also negatively affected the local residents.

The new study showed a very good demographic situation on the island until the meeting of local residents with Europeans. Then, for some time, the situation remained stable, and only after that did a slight decrease in the birth rate begin.

The popular myth actually turned out to be a legend, as research proves otherwise. Civilization developed, and the number of inhabitants gradually increased. Karl Lipo suggested that the myth may concern more modern people.


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