Death rate due to rising temperatures will increase

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists suggested that it is possible to lower the death rate as a result of the heat, but for this it is necessary to take effective measures at once in all countries of the planet. Global warming provokes a rapid rise in temperature, and experts are trying to establish how this affects mortality. reports.

Some time ago, scientists conducted a study that showed that in the future, the number of deaths due to heat will only increase. Experts analyzed mortality data obtained for 1998-2012 from 16 different countries. The reason for 7% of deaths during this time was too high air temperature.

After that, four climate models were combined with each other and a forecast for this century was made. Experts suggested three different scenarios for the development of events, depending on greenhouse gas emissions.

Erica Martinez noted that all the models obtained show that the temperature will gradually increase, and this directly affects the increase in mortality. Joan Ballester added that there are several effective measures to deal with the situation, but they need to be applied globally.

Warming is recorded all over the world, but Europe suffers the most. The countries located in the Mediterranean are in the greatest danger. It is here that the air temperature rises the fastest. If nothing is done and global measures are not applied that could mitigate the effects of an increase in temperature, then the number of deaths will first stabilize for a while, and then will sharply increase.

This is the prediction made by scientists who assume that the highest mortality rate will be in the middle and the end of this century.


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