In the US, doctors transplanted a kidney to the wrong patient

(ORDO NEWS) — A couple of days ago, two employees of the hospital, which is located in Ohio, were sent on administrative leave. They transplanted a kidney into the wrong patient.

It is reported by WKYC-TV.

George Stamatis said the patients and their families were immediately apologized. He added that the kidney that was transplanted to another patient is quite compatible, so the patient will soon recover. The operation of another patient, who was supposed to receive an organ, was postponed for some time. At the same time, no information has been received from the officials regarding the presence of another suitable kidney.

UCLA Health has provided data that, on average, it can take 5-10 years to wait for a suitable kidney transplant. The list of patients in the United States includes more than 100 thousand people. You will have to wait less only if the patient has a relative or close friend whose kidney is suitable for transplantation.

The hospital noted that at the moment the incident is being carefully studied in order to prevent its recurrence in the future. Heather Mekesa, who organizes organ transfers in northeastern Ohio, said such mistakes are rare. As a rule, everything goes well and the patients receive their organs.


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