The mayor from Texas said that only the strongest will survive the abnormal frost

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(ORDO NEWS) — The mayor of Texas was forced to resign urgently after he said that people themselves are to blame for having suffered as a result of the sudden cold snap.

Tim Boyd began to accuse the residents of Colorado City of “demanding handouts”, because many were faced with the fact that due to a severe cold snap, the heating was turned off and in some parts of the city even electricity. He added that the authorities are not obliged to help people and they should take care of their family on their own.

Boyd then added that people who do not have electricity in their home should have come up with some kind of backup plan. Those residents who were left without water, according to the mayor, must “think outside the box to survive.” In conclusion, the mayor said that only the strongest can survive. Boyd’s similar statement caused a wave of outrage among local residents, who were shocked by this behavior of the mayor.

To date, at least 20 people have died due to frost. A family from Houston was poisoned by carbon monoxide while trying to keep warm in their car. Several more people died in the fire, which most likely started from the fireplace.

On February 16, Boyd announced that he was going to resign and also apologized for his words and explained that he meant lazy people who can but do not want to take care of themselves.


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