Kicks, Punches Cruise As US Marines Clash With Civilians Initiate air Texas Bar

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A video has surfaced on social media showing the moment a violent fight broke out between a community of uniformed Marines and civilians start air a popular Texas nightclub. According to the Fresh York Post, the incident came about on Sunday start air the Voodoo Room nightclub on Austin’s Sixth Avenue, Texas.

The fight started after a girl allegedly took a Marine’s phone and threw it away at some stage in a verbal altercation. A young man in a white hoodie then stepped up and tried to punch regarded as seemingly the most Marines, but missed his target. Shortly other Marines rushed to their colleagues’ defence resulting in an all-out brawl between the two groups. The Marines and civilians exchanged several punches and blows, leading to total chaos. The Marines knocked down regarded as seemingly the most boys after he landed three punches on a Marine. 

Marines, who outnumbered the civilians, received vocal toughen from bystanders, who cheered them on and chanted ”USA! USA!”

See the video right here:

Later, Austin Police and Texas Toll road Patrol officers arrived on the scene to interrupt up the fight. The video additionally reveals one police officer engaging a civilian lying face down on the pavement. By the cease of the video, mounted police near whereas sirens are heard off-camera.

Web customers had been afraid to gaze the clip and posted a form of comments. While some expressed trouble over security on Sixth Avenue, others defended the Marines. 

One person wrote, ”I fabricate now now not condone violence. However stunning presumably, folk must study to respect our military. The Marines are trained cherish no others.” One other commented, ”Right here’s why no person must be on sixth Avenue. or now now not it’s chaos & no longer protected by regulations enforcement unless @TxDPS or militia men happen to be in the realm.”

A third acknowledged, ”The female started all of it and the last note regarded as one of them who regarded cherish he was looking out to silent issues down received arrested. The lesson is to purchase your chums higher.”

A fourth acknowledged, ”The variation is these Marines will prefer to story for their actions. I deem the video clearly reveals restraint ahead of action. I’m hoping their CO sees it the same come.”

Notably, Sixth Avenue is a smartly-known downtown bar road in Austin, acknowledged for its vibrant leisure scene.


NDTV recordsdata company contributed to this file, published by ORDO News editors.

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