The Italian of his own free will lived a life like Robinson Crusoe

(ORDO NEWS) — Is it possible to spend 30 years alone on an island? Mauro Borandi became the real prototype of Robinson Crusoe. The man moved to the island of La Maddalena in 1989. He was not completely isolated, but communicated with tourists and kept order on the island, reported by the Daily Mail.

Today, the Italian hermit is 81 years old and has become a real celebrity in the area. He previously worked as a physical education teacher. Not everyone dares to become the caretaker of a desert island, but Borandi liked the idea. But soon, at the insistence of the authorities, the man will have to leave Budelli Island.

The uninhabited island is located in the La Maddalena archipelago. It is famous for its pink Spiaggia Rosa beach. The man came here in 1989 to replace the previous caretaker. Since then, he has lived as a hermit. He liked this life in peace and quiet so much that the Italian categorically does not want to leave the island.

Five years ago, the authorities tried to dismiss him because they wanted to make the island part of a national park. But Borandi did not compromise. In other matters, venerable age takes its toll. The Italian will move to live on a neighboring island. A cozy apartment has already been arranged for him there.

While serving as caretaker of the island, Mauro lived in a modest apartment. It was a former orphanage from the Second World War. The building was not legalized, moreover, it was considered dilapidated and uninhabitable.

Now comfortable conditions and a decent pension on an island with people and all the conditions for a carefree old age await him.


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