Five million Americans miss their second COVID-19 vaccine

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(ORDO NEWS) — Already more than 5 million Americans have failed to show up for booster vaccinations against the Covid-19 virus. Vaccination with Pfizer or Moderna is a two-step process.

First, the first vaccination is done, and after a while it is necessary to come to the second. But the Americans for some reason stopped showing up for the second vaccine. This could turn into a new wave of Covid-19 outbreaks, reported by The New York Times.

At last count, about 8% of adults in the United States of America missed vaccinations. And this is already more than 5 million people.

Among the people who refused, a survey was conducted to find out the reason for their behavior. It turned out that people do not go on vaccination voluntarily and consciously, because they are afraid of side effects. Also, many people think that one vaccination is enough.

Of course, doctors consider the main problem to be the lack of truthful information and an overabundance of gossip on the Internet. People trust word of mouth more than real facts. In the future, it is planned to inform the population more through television and the media.

Yes, the first vaccination gives a person immunity, but very weak. It simply won’t be enough to withstand COVID-19. In addition, the virus is constantly mutating and becoming more aggressive.

Already, 93 million people have been vaccinated in the United States, 138 million have received the first vaccination. A complete vaccination will help stop the epidemic. While India is hitting anti-disease records, the United States has managed to stabilize the situation.


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