The researchers said the speed of the ocean currents has changed a lot

(ORDO NEWS) — Satellites make it possible to observe the planet and processes that are invisible to the human eye. For example, it was recently noticed that the speed in oceanic eddies has changed a lot.

Ocean currents such as the Gulf Stream, Kuroshio and others affect the temperature of the water in the oceans and seas, Sciencealert informs us about it.

Eddies that are an integral part of currents in diameter can be from 10 to 100 km. They are found everywhere, and have always attracted a lot of attention from researchers. Eddies are one of the form factors of ocean circulation. Warm and cold water, salt, nutrients and trace elements are mixed in these funnels.

Satellites help track the state and speed of these vortices. And in recent years, they have changed a lot. The distribution and strength of the whirlpools changed dramatically. Naveed Constantinou, a researcher at Australian National University, wrote about these changes and was the first to tell the world about them.

He claims that over the past 10 years, the speed of vortices has increased by 5%. This is the cause of temperature changes in the oceans, leading to the extinction of some fish species and the emergence of others. Rapid eddies contribute to global warming, as the water does not have time to cool in them.

Human life activity does not affect these processes. Perhaps such changes have already occurred earlier in the history of our planet. You just need to adapt to them.


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