The 100-year-old prophecy of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky began to come true

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(ORDO NEWS) — Almost a century ago, in 1924, the great scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky published a prediction in the press, which at that time seemed something unthinkable.

Today, some points have begun to come true with frightening accuracy.

The article was titled “My Ideas of Monism in 24”. It noted that the growth of the world’s population will proceed at an insane pace.

The problem will be solved in two ways: at the legislative level, the authorities will limit the birth rate, and some countries and individuals will look for other planets.

The Chinese have already faced restrictions at the level of the law. NASA is actively searching for suitable planets for life, Elon Musk plans to master Mars by 2030. Moreover, China plans to build the first city on the moon.

Another prophecy concerns animals. Due to the increase in the number of people and climatic disasters, they are massively dying out. Over the past 500 years, 844 species of creatures have disappeared forever, and then more.


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