Tesla Roadster will receive jet nozzles to accelerate

(ORDO NEWS) — Back in 2017, Elon Musk, talking about Tesla’s plans to create a second-generation Roadster electric car, mentioned that the car could get a reactive system. As planned, such an addition would help the sports car to effectively accelerate and enter into turns.

Although the car, which was supposed to provide a “humiliating defeat for gasoline cars”, still did not appear on sale three years later, the head of Tesla did not forget about the unusual idea.

In the announcement of the new release of the Jay Leno’s Garage program, Elon Musk again remembered the jet system. Standing at the prototype of the same Tesla Roadster, Musk said that the car will receive an option called the SpaceX Package – jet thrust based on compressed air.

The host of the program, Jay Leno, took the billionaire’s words as a joke. However, Musk assured the interlocutor that in this case he was completely serious. According to the businessman, the central nozzle will be hidden behind the rear number plate, advancing if necessary – “like the simple-minded James Bond.”

What acceleration speed SpaceX Package can provide is not yet known. However, taking into account the fact that the claimed second-generation Tesla Roadster’s set speed of 100 km / h should be only two seconds, the reactive system can create something unrealistic with the machine.

The exact date of the appearance of the new sports car on sale has not yet been announced. Initially, it was assumed that the production of the car starts in 2014, then the release was postponed to 2020. Judging by the latest comments by Elon Musk, we will see the new Roadster no earlier than 2022.

Earlier, Elon Musk spoke about his readiness to produce lung ventilation apparatuses at Tesla automobile factories, and also announced “talking electric cars.”


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