Tesla cars were banned from entering a Chinese city

(ORDO NEWS) — Tesla cars are temporarily not allowed to be in one of the Chinese resort cities. They will not be able to enter Beidaihe for the next two months.

According to the source, every summer in Beidai, near Beijing, meetings of the Chinese leadership are held. These meetings are called “secret”, so the authorities try to provide the highest level of security. Simply put, the party is afraid of espionage.

Tesla – friend or foe

Interestingly, Tesla has a good relationship with the Chinese government. The parties had previously reached an agreement that made the company the first foreign automaker to fully own a car plant in the country without having to set up a joint venture with a government agency.

In addition, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is known for praising the Chinese people and refraining from criticizing the government. Despite this, the latter expressed clear concerns that the company’s vehicles could be involved in espionage activities.

Probably, we are talking about cameras, a large number of which each Tesla car uses, as well as where the data from them then goes.

Musk previously commented on the story, saying Tesla “doesn’t use its car cameras to spy on China,” but that didn’t seem to dampen concerns as more government agencies reportedly began to ban workers from parking Tesla cars on government property. This, for example, was done by the Chinese army.

After these disputes, Tesla even announced that it would store all data collected in China locally. A few months later, she announced a new data center in the country. Did it help? Mostly not. All Tesla vehicles will now be banned from driving on Beidaihe roads for at least two months:

Tesla vehicles will be banned from the Chinese coastal region of Beidaihe, site of the secret annual summer party leadership meeting, for at least two months starting July 1, a local traffic police official told Reuters on Monday.

Although the authorities have not commented on the reason for the ban, it is suggested that they do not want the cameras on the Tesla vehicles to capture anything related to the meeting.


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