Tesla cars now scan for potholes to avoid them

(ORDO NEWS) — Tesla has confirmed that its vehicles are now scanning for bumps in the road to avoid them. This is necessary to achieve full autonomous driving.

The system should be able to handle a wide range of different scenarios, including different weather and road conditions, the company says.

Conditions such as potholes can sometimes be difficult for human drivers, and some find it unlikely that self-driving systems will be able to properly navigate them.

Tesla uses a huge amount of data collected from the cameras of its customers’ cars equipped with autopilot equipment. The information is further processed by the neural network.


The fact that the Tesla autopilot will eventually detect potholes and fold mini-maps to remember them and avoid them, Elon Musk said back in 2020. Two years later, Tesla’s Autopilot is still in testing phase, slowly adding new features.

In the description of the software update, the company writes: “Tesla’s adaptive suspension will now adjust ride height for a future section of rough road.

This adjustment can take place in different places, depending on the available capability, as the vehicle downloads the approximate road map data generated by the cars. Tesla”.

Obviously, this feature will only be available in Tesla vehicles with adaptive suspension, such as the new S and Model X.

Recall that recently Elon Musk announced a new date for the appearance of a fully autonomous Tesla. The CEO of the company makes such promises quite often, but the deadlines are shifted every time.


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