Residents freak out as skies over Chinese city turn blood red

(ORDO NEWS) — Residents in a Chinese city were understandably shocked and feared the worst when the sky suddenly turned an ominous blood red over the weekend.

The eerie incident, which reportedly took place Saturday night in the city of Zhoushan, caused astonished onlookers to take to the streets to film the chilling spectacle, with Chinese social media subsequently flooded with footage of the eerie picture.

As you might expect, many people online speculated that the event was some sort of harbinger of trouble, some speculated that it was the harbinger of a major earthquake, while others wondered if the purple coloration was related to the coronavirus pandemic that is causing the nearby city of Shanghai was strictly blocked.

This unsettling evening drew comparisons to the legendary event of 1770, when the sky turned red over several Asian countries for nine days.

“Light from Venus bounced off the upper atmosphere and caused an explosion of swamp gas”

The Zhoushan Meteorological Bureau released a statement saying the red tint was simply the result of light reflecting off low clouds, likely fishing boats.


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