Starlink satellites are going to connect directly to smartphones

(ORDO NEWS) -- SpaceX Corporation has announced plans to begin testing the connection of Starlink

Chinese scientists call Starlink satellites dangerous and violate international rules

(ORDO NEWS) -- For several years now, scientists have had complaints about the Starlink satellite

Chinese scientists propose to shoot down Starlink satellites with nuclear bombs

(ORDO NEWS) -- A Chinese publication published an article with a proposal from scientists from

Chinese scientists call for plan to destroy Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites

(ORDO NEWS) -- Chinese military researchers have called for the development of a "hard kill"

Chinese scientists develop plan to destroy Starlink satellites

(ORDO NEWS) -- China is developing scenarios for "soft" and "hard" destruction of SpaceX satellites.

SpaceX loses 40 Starlink satellites due to geomagnetic storm

(ORDO NEWS) -- The newest Starlink satellites, which were launched into Earth orbit in February,

SpaceX says geomagnetic storm destroyed 40 Starlink satellites

(ORDO NEWS) -- SpaceX has lost up to 40 brand new Starlink internet satellites due

China’s space station narrowly escapes collision with Starlink satellites

(ORDO NEWS) -- Chinese citizens on Monday criticized Elon Musk's space ambitions online. Their displeasure