Chinese scientists simulated the destruction of all Starlink satellites in one nuclear strike

(ORDO NEWS) — The Chinese edition of the South China Morning Post published a study by scientists from China. They created a model of how you can destroy all of Elon Musk ‘s Starlink satellites with a single nuclear strike.

According to Beijing, the Musk project could threaten China’s national security, so China is studying the vulnerabilities of the system.

Experts have found that a network of satellites can be destroyed in one blow: for this it is necessary to detonate a nuclear bomb with a capacity of 10 megatons at an altitude of 80 kilometers above the Earth.

Due to the fact that there is still air at this height, a radioactive cloud is formed.

“Because of the high concentration of fission products inside the cloud, the emitted gamma rays and beta particles are more powerful, which increases their impact on aircraft and communication objects in the affected area,” said nuclear physicist Liu Li, the author of the study.

If you follow the calculations, the radiation will only damage the Starlink satellites, and other near-Earth vehicles will not be affected.


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