Chinese scientists propose to shoot down Starlink satellites with nuclear bombs

(ORDO NEWS) — A Chinese publication published an article with a proposal from scientists from the Northwestern Institute of Nuclear Technology, which is run by the People’s Liberation Army. Researchers tested the effectiveness of nuclear bombs in the fight against Starlink.

In China and Russia, the Starlink global satellite Internet system is feared, stating that Elon Musk’s company can use satellites for military purposes.

Moreover, they believe that SpaceX has already done this to a certain extent, providing access to the technology to the Ukrainian military.

What is known

Counteracting satellite technology is very difficult. Therefore, scientists are actively looking for new ways to fight, in particular, the creation of anti-satellite weapons.

A nuclear explosion in near space could create a radioactive cloud over an area the size of New York State, damaging or destroying satellites in Earth orbit, according to new computer simulations.

According to Chinese researchers, the ions formed during the explosion will disable satellites or disrupt communications, at least for a while.

If you detonate at an altitude of 80 kilometers, a nuclear cloud in a few minutes will rise to 500 kilometers – the height at which the satellites are located – and damage many of them.

In this way, one warhead can disable hundreds and thousands of satellites in a given orbit and practically do no harm to “friendly” vehicles.

Fortunately, this is only a proposal so far, but its very existence causes concern and makes it clear that China is not sitting idly by.


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