Chinese scientists call Starlink satellites dangerous and violate international rules

(ORDO NEWS) — For several years now, scientists have had complaints about the Starlink satellite constellation.

Previously, she had already been accused of interfering with space observations, and now she was completely called unsafe.

Experts from China came up with another portion of criticism. They said that the Starlink satellites violate safety rules by ignoring the rules of maintaining distance between themselves.

So, despite the fact that generally accepted standards imply maintaining a distance of 10 km between objects in orbit, on June 30, two Starlink satellites approached each other at a distance of only 4.9 km.

At the same time, as proof that all this was not an accident, scientists conducted a full-fledged study, the results of which were published in the scientific journal Radio Engineering.

In it, they concluded that SpaceX deliberately brought the satellites so close to each other in order to maximize the performance of the laser communications system.

The current safety limit is based on scientific calculations. Crossing this line can lead to dangerous consequences, because one collision can lead to another.


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