Astronomers narrowed down the possible location of the Planet X

NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) -- The elusive "Planet X" (Nibiru), speculated to reside in

Planet Nine may be an unknown type of gravity “masquerading” as a planet

NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) -- The ninth planet of the solar system, the mysterious

Was the Mayan king Pacal an alien from the planet Nibiru?

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Scientists have said that Nibiru could destroy life on Earth

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Nibiru, a mysterious planet or something else?

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Does Nibiru exist, and where is this most mysterious planet

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Defunct planet Nibiru

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A mysterious giant sphere was discovered near the Sun. Nibiru

(ORDO NEWS) -- A well-known ufologist from Taiwan, Scott Waring, spoke about two unusual photographs

New evidence found for Planet X

(ORDO NEWS) -- Astronomers from the United States conducted a study and concluded that the

The orbit of the Ninth planet of the solar system mapped

(ORDO NEWS) -- There may actually be nine planets in the solar system. This is

The ninth planet may not actually exist: the reason

(ORDO NEWS) -- In fact, Planet Nine may not exist. This is precisely the statement

Red round cloud appeared in the sky over China

(ORDO NEWS) -- On December 23, the PRC appeared in all the news due to