The orbit of the Ninth planet of the solar system mapped

(ORDO NEWS) — There may actually be nine planets in the solar system. This is precisely the statement made by experts back in 2016. Then Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin, who work at the California Institute of Technology, began to talk about the Ninth Planet.

The mysterious object cannot be recorded with the help of even the most powerful telescopes, but at the same time it has such a strong gravity that it is capable of distorting the orbits of celestial bodies located in the vicinity.

This is reported by the Astronomical Journal.

For five years, experts have tried to find signs of the Ninth planet and have been studying the outer part of the solar system, but this has brought absolutely no result. During the new study, Batygin and Brown made another statement that they were able to map the alleged orbit of the mysterious space object.

The authors of the study have carefully studied the orbits that belong to the known objects in the Kuiper Belt. It is they who, in their opinion, are affected by the gravity of Planet Nine. It is worth noting that the Kuiper Belt is a huge number of icy bodies, the rotation of which is fixed directly behind the orbit of Neptune.

Not only the orbits were analyzed, but also their oscillations, which indicate that there is a huge object with strong gravity nearby.

The gravity of Neptune itself has also been studied more thoroughly. The specialists did their best to exclude it from the created computer model. Such actions allowed them to establish the most possible orbit of the mysterious planet. Astronomers believe that today it is at its maximum distance from the Sun.


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