Red round cloud appeared in the sky over China

(ORDO NEWS) — On December 23, the PRC appeared in all the news due to the fact that a huge meteorite fell somewhere in Tibet. According to preliminary data, its diameter is at least ten meters.

The space body fell very early in the morning, but as it turned out later, not only a meteorite fell there.

Eyewitnesses filmed everything. They also said that a huge round red cloud appeared in the sky, which did not disappear for about 40 minutes. No one could understand what this red cloud was. Ufologists immediately started talking about the appearance of the mysterious planet Nibiru.

Another part of people suggested that it could be a Martian pepelats, which the aliens sent to Tibet in order to assess what the destruction was as a result of a meteorite or some other object. Which version can be called correct, no one knows.

If this is Nibiru, then its appearance not next to the Sun indicates that the planet has changed its trajectory and now it will appear in various places in our galaxy. Something similar, by the way, can be found in many ancient prophecies, although the very name of the planet is not mentioned in them.


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