Alligator killed in Florida while holding human body in mouth

(ORDO NEWS) -- A four-meter alligator with the body of a dead woman in its

Scientists have injected alligator DNA into catfish

(ORDO NEWS) -- A team of scientists has introduced the alligator gene into the catfish

Catfish DNA supplemented with alligator genes

(ORDO NEWS) -- American scientists have received a GM line of catfish that are more

Girl became neither an elephant nor an alligator. Amazing disease!

(ORDO NEWS) -- The bizarre disease "ichthyosis" made the German Susie look like a character

Cat brought the owner the head of an alligator

(ORDO NEWS) -- A domestic cat in Wisconsin, USA, brought the severed head of an

An alligator of record size was caught in Texas

(ORDO NEWS) -- The giant alligator was caught by the residents of Texas. The weight

In Mexico, the mayor of one of the cities married an alligator

(ORDO NEWS) -- The mayor of the town of San Pedro Huamelula, in Mexico, married

Colossal 300-pound alligator gar caught (and released) in Texas bayou

(ORDO NEWS) -- Most people think of fishing as a relaxing way to pass an

Curiosity rover diverts route away from Alligator’s Back Rocks

(ORDO NEWS) -- NASA's Curiosity rover spent most of March climbing the "Greenhue Pedestal" -

In the US, a man killed a huge alligator that ate cattle

(ORDO NEWS) -- Mississippi hunter Doug Borris, who is also the host of Dynamic Outdoors