Cat brought the owner the head of an alligator

(ORDO NEWS) — A domestic cat in Wisconsin, USA, brought the severed head of an alligator to the owner and put it on the lawn.

Wendy Wiesehuegel said that her black cat named Burnt Toast made an unusual find. The woman’s neighbor mistook the cat’s prey for a fish, but then looked closer and saw that it was the head of a reptile.

The American noted that the cat constantly brings her something, but such a large prey was caught by her pet for the first time. “He was very proud of himself,” Wiesehuegel shared.

The woman added that she may have seen an alligator when she was with her brother-in-law on the lake a few days before, but the relative did not notice anything like this and only laughed at her.

Wiesehuegel turned to wildlife experts. Biologists have suggested that this is the head of a real alligator, the length of which was about 90 centimeters.

The alligator could be someone’s pet that got away or was released on purpose. How he died is unknown.

The American admitted that the discovery of the cat excited her. “And if it were summer now and people were swimming in the lake?”

She expressed her concerns. Alligators are extremely rare in Wisconsin, but this may not be the last such find: the state has no laws prohibiting the keeping of exotic animals.

Earlier, a resident of the Scottish city of Inverness said that the cat brought her drugs.

After walking around the western part of the city, the pet jumped onto the sofa, settled down next to the owner and suddenly spat out a lump of dried plants that he was holding in his mouth.


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