An alligator of record size was caught in Texas

(ORDO NEWS) — The giant alligator was caught by the residents of Texas. The weight of the animal is 350 kg, and the height exceeded 4 m. Hunters say that such “monsters” can be caught only once in all the years of hunting. Catching a giant is real luck. Such alligators are very expensive.

Photos of the killed reptile appeared online. She is lying on the asphalt, and a stick is inserted into her mouth. Two hunters sit nearby and smile. The men next to the killed animal look very modest.

What’s more, the reptile surpasses each of them in weight and height, at least several times. To move the carcass of the killed animal, it was necessary to call a tractor and several more men.

This male is certainly one of the largest ever caught in these parts. However, the absolute record belongs to Alabama resident Mandy Stokes. In 2014, she shot a six-meter reptile.

Photo courtesy of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Alligator hunting is allowed in this state. It is held once a year to control the population.

Close proximity of animals and people is a great threat. The department does not want to exterminate all reptiles. So that nothing threatens a person in these areas, it is enough to shoot predators.

When there are too many reptiles, they may start to run out of food. Then the animals become more aggressive, and the residents of the state suffer from this. The skins of the killed animals are then sold.

The money goes to the department and is used for nature conservation. A license must be obtained for hunting, the number of animals killed is strictly regulated.

In the last century, mass shootings led to the fact that the species was in danger of extinction. Then the state authorities reacted in time and were able to restore the animal population.

It must be remembered that alligators are not only ruthless predators, but also an important part of the ecosystem of the state. Their disappearance can turn into an ecological disaster.


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