Ancient figurine with barcode found in Germany

(ORDO NEWS) — German archaeologists discovered a strange ceramic figurine during excavations at the site of a prehistoric settlement near the city of Schweinfurt. This was reported by Heritage Daily.

  • First, it depicts a creature that scientists have not been able to identify
  • Secondly, a linear pattern is applied to it, reminiscent of a modern barcode

Strange find

The gender of the clay figurine cannot be determined. Its length is 19 centimeters, but the original growth of the sculpture could approach 30 centimeters – it did not have legs.

But the facial features were well cut – eye sockets, nose, mouth, chin. The head is large and flat, with five small holes drilled along the edges on each side.

Researchers believe that the head could have had something like a hood attached to it, for example, with metal rings that were inserted into the holes. So, most likely, the figurine is female.

But even more scientists were interested in the pattern carved on its surface. In appearance, it is very similar to a stamp or a stamp with a bar code, which are used today.


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