In Mexico, the mayor of one of the cities married an alligator

(ORDO NEWS) — The mayor of the town of San Pedro Huamelula, in Mexico, married an alligator on June 30, which shocked and pleased the locals at the same time.

Victor Hugo Sosa married an alligator in order for his city to prosper. He also did this so that the weather would always be good.

A very beautiful and memorable ceremony was held in San Pedro Umelo. The marriage was registered under the standard music for any wedding. The alligator was wearing a veil.

The guests who came to the wedding asked the groom to kiss his “bride”. The mayor did not have to ask for a long time and he leaned over to his betrothed to kiss her.

The kiss could have ended tragically, but beforehand the “bride” was wrapped around her mouth so that she would not attack anyone.

Locals say that such a marriage has a ritual basis and is related to pre-Hispanic times. Often such ritual marriages were used in the indigenous communities of Huave and Chontal, who lived in the state of Oaxaca.

To some extent, this resembles a kind of prayer, which is necessary for nature to be favorable to people and bless them with numerous gifts.

“We ask nature to send us rain and also give us food so that there are a lot of fish in the rivers,” says Victor Hugo Sosa.

The state of Oaxaca is located in the poorest part of Mexico. At the same time, the indigenous peoples of the country boast an incredibly rich culture.

A huge number of groups live in this state, which up to this day observe the traditions established by their ancestors and speak their unique language.

In San Pedro Huamelula, the ritual involves putting on a white wedding dress or at least a veil on a caiman or alligator.

Almost any dressy outfit can also be used. Locals are sure that the seven-year-old reptile, which everyone calls the little princess, can symbolize the deity – mother earth. The marriage with the mayor of the city indicates that people have united with higher powers.

After the ceremony, people began to carry the bride in their arms through the streets of the city. At the same time, they played special ritual drums, and the men did not forget to greet her with their hats.


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