Supersonic aircraft with a maximum speed of 2700 km/h is ready for testing

(ORDO NEWS) — The alleged successor to the famed Concord, the XB-1 prototype, will be tested in the coming months, Boom Technology’s aircraft developers announced.

If the XB-1 is successful, the company will do everything possible to arrange the production of its project – a passenger aircraft with 55 seats. A new supersonic prototype will be presented to the public on October 7.

Industry insiders believe that cutting-edge technology can pave the way for a return to ultra-fast supersonic air travel. Denver-based Boom Technology has already raised $ 141 million to build the XB-1.

According to Flight Global, the company has already attached the wings of the ship to the fuselage, built its vertical stabilizer and completed landing gear tests. It is believed that the XB-1 has a maximum Mach speed of 2.2 – that is, nearly 2,700 kilometers per hour.

Concord’s successor, the prototype XB-1 will be tested next month. The aircraft will be available for only one pilot (an experienced US Air Force rookie). Trials will take place at the California Mojave Port in 2021. Here’s what company representatives said:

“With the XB-1, we demonstrate that we are ready to return supersonic aircraft. We guarantee that a supersonic future is safe, environmentally and economically sustainable.

We learned that the demand for supersonic vehicles is growing faster than we expected. If we can fly twice as fast, the world will become half as much, turning distant lands into familiar neighbors. ”

If the XB-1 successfully completes a test flight, Boom Technology will turn its attention to Boom Overture – the proposed passenger aircraft with 55 seats on board.

Richard Branson and Japan Airlines have already made investments, reports Simple Flying.

Both companies have pre-ordered a total of 30 aircraft and are looking forward to when Overture will be able to receive the first passengers. The company’s experts are confident that Overture (with a possible maximum speed of 2.2 Mach) will begin to fly from the mid-2020s and will be sold at $ 200 million for each aircraft.


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