Why COVID-19 affects men more often than women?

(ORDO NEWS) — When the coronavirus pandemic just started, doctors immediately noted that this disease affects men more and kills them more often than women. A few months after the start of the epidemic, scientists are still not sure why this is happening.

Researchers at the Harvard Laboratory GenderSci Lab are trying to figure out such a complex issue, but the fact that there is no standardized model for reporting and collecting statistical data adds to the difficulties.

“We started by deciding to find accurate statistics on infections, even within the United States, but we did not succeed. We realized that we would have to group the information ourselves, ”said Sarah Richardson, head of GenderSci Lab.

Having collected the relevant information for June, scientists were able to correctly sort it out, having received a statistical database of deaths from coronavirus infection in each state of the US.

Grouping people by sex and age ghosts, the researchers were again convinced that the disease behaves aggressively towards men, and this disproportionately large gap cannot be attributed to the error.

Interesting Assumptions

Scientists suspect that estrogen (the collective name for a subclass of steroidal female sex hormones) plays a very important role in protecting against coronavirus.

Some experts believe that everything is much simpler: women are more likely to visit doctors than men, who often ignore the obvious signs of the disease, delaying until the last moment.

“We are not approving anything yet and wish to understand why the difference in mortality rates between men and women is so enormous. There may be some aspect related to the biological gender, but social factors cannot be ignored,” concluded Heather Shattuck-Heidorn, Assistant Director of GenderSci Lab.


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