Something killing and maiming horses in France for six months

(ORDO NEWS) — For six months now, horses, ponies and donkeys in France have endured brutal bullying of some kind. The animals first die mysteriously, and then their ears are cut off, their eyes and genitals cut out.

From time to time, mysterious cattle killings take place in different parts of the world. For example, mutilated cows were found in the United States. This year France excelled most of all: people regularly find their animals with missing organs. The killings are brutal and barbaric, and the police have begun investigating them, but so far to no avail.

The latest incident took place in a village called Cartamber last Friday. Locals found an eighteen-month-old mare without her right ear, eyes and genitals. There were also numerous cuts on the neck.

One of the seven horses of the riding school was killed. The animals ran in the pen on the field, in the morning one animal was gone. In 2020, there were about ten barbarian attacks on horses. Accidents happened in different parts of France, so it is difficult to reduce all murders to one criminal.

Each murder case can be considered unique. For example, one of the horses looked like she was forced to run until she was exhausted. The impression that the animal’s heart stopped from unbearable stress and strain. Some ungulates had marks from electric shock, others – marks on their heads from heavy blows. The common feature is that all creatures were deprived of one ear and one eye.

Horse owners don’t know what to think. They blame Satanists and teenage sadists for what is happening. Some believe that livestock is tortured by aliens. People do not hope for the help of the police, since in no case were CCTV cameras installed, there is nothing to rely on in the investigation. The incidents have been going on since February, there is not the slightest clue who can be guilty of what they did.


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