LIVE BROADCAST: UFO was spotted flying towards Area 51 (VIDEO)

(ORDO NEWS) — Those who believe in the conspiracy theory noticed during the live broadcast that was televised by UFOs. The object flew directly towards Area 51.

One of the viewers wrote about this on the Internet. He added that during the August 3 NBC Nightly News release, he noticed a UFO in the background. The issue focused on the Navajo Indians and how they are trying to fight the coronavirus. The object flew by at the very moment when the shaman called out to his gods.

Due to the fact that Arizona is located near the state of Nevada, many conspiracy theorists immediately began to report that the UFO headed directly to Area 51. This area is a very popular destination. This is the name of one of the US Air Force military bases, which is located in the Nevada desert near Lake Groom. Everything that happens on the territory of the base is kept in strict confidence. It is unrealistic to get into the territory of Area 51, as there are warning signs and armed guards are present.

There are a lot of rumors around the base, which only fuel the interest of fans of the conspiracy theory. Particular attention is paid to the activities of aliens, because many are sure that only the presence of this base can already be called proof of the existence of aliens.

Scott Waring wrote in his blog that very often UFOs are seen by Indians who are sure that they are spirits. The video clearly shows how a round disk flies out of the clouds and flies into another cloud, which is in the background. It is very strange that this moment was missed by the film crew.

Area 51 is considered to be quite popular, especially among conspiracy theorists. It should be noted that the US government has been hiding the existence of the base for a long time. It became known about her only in 2013.


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